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Move your pirate ship using keys W/S or up/down arrow keys. Control the ship with the mouse, click left mouse to fire, use key E for auto fire and number keys 1-6 for skills.

About is an ocean capture-the-ship style game online where you become a pirate who must destroy all enemy ships for building the ultimate arena domination. You have a ship too, and you must control it carefully to go battle against the enemies. With the cannons added to the ship, you should use them to shoot at the rivals from afar and make sure you elude their shots, or else you will soak damage, causing the game to be over. There are many ship upgrades in this IO game, such as Vessel, Roebuck, Happy Delivery, Revenge, Royal Fortune, Golden Hind and so forth. You can upgrade your ship to a new one at level 10 and level 25. Every single of the ship has its own abilities. You can use them to defeat the rivals more easily. Can you survive longer and triumph all over the enemies? Give it a try now! Good luck!

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