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Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Attack the enemies using the left mouse, use key F to collect items. Use number keys for using an item. Adjust the zoom using the mouse wheel scroll.

About is an ocean strategy game that will teach you how to survive when you are trapped in a watery world. You are armed with just only a small raft which must be used as your means of transport to explore the corners of this world. You need to collect a lot of resources, then, use them to craft a lot of items, supplies, weapons and many handy things for your survival. It’s not easy at all when you have nothing to gear up yourself. Therefore, crafting items is an important thing here. You can fight against other enemies alone yourself or team up with some friendly people to defeat the tougher ones. Remember that you shouldn’t jump out of the raft because if you do, you will get attacked by the sharks, and they will eat you up. The goal here is to survive as long as possible! Wish you luck!

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