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Use the mouse to direct your spaceship. Click left mouse to fire.


Playing space combat games is never boring! Join another space-themed 2D Shooter game called to experience further challenges! The game focuses on an intense battle in space where players must direct their spaceships to shoot down against each other for a chance of winning. You must turn yourself into a cunning and aggressive pilot that likes to kill everything standing in his way, especially the enemy spaceships. If you don’t get rid of them first, you won’t have a chance to win. Pilot your ship carefully all the time, keep an eye on the surroundings and make sure there are no dangers around you. But even if there are some, you should always protect your ship from the enemy bullets. Once getting shot, it will be a game over for you instantly. The goal here is to become the number one on the leaderboard. Can you make it come true? Play it now!

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