Rewind Space

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Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Press numpad + or I to shoot, numpad - or O to triple fire, numpad * or P to speed up, and spacebar for jumping of head.

About Rewind Space

Rewind Space

Rewind Space is an online game inspired by,, and The game lets you roam the map as a small snake trying to increase its length by eating lots of generated blocks that are scattered around the arena as well as absorb the opponent snakes. The more blocks and enemies you consume, the longer you will become, and the more experience you will earn. In addition, you will earn points whenever you eat them too. Having lots of points will allow you to do many things, such as shooting, accelerating, jumping into the third dimension or even moving through many obstacles. But keep in mind that whenever you do these, your length will be reduced a little bit. Stay away from the striped blocks, or else your game will come to an end. You have to survive longer so you can climb the top of the leaderboard. Wish you luck!

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