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Attack the enemies using the mouse. In the ghost mode, press key S to toggle the light, and key Q to shake the room.


Humans and cockroaches are always on the opposing sides and they never stop fighting against each other. Join to experience that intense battle between these two characters, and pick your favorite side before entering the arena. If you become a human, you need to hunt for the ants, then try to kill them all before they slay you. For the ants, you also have to search for humans to fight them off and never let them reach the top. Remember to collect a lot of food on the map to increase your size as well as power up yourself. Whichever side you are on, you need to reach 20,000 points first to become the ghost of the room, which allows you to weaken enemies, toggle the lights or shake the room if you are the human ghost. Try to fight with good strategies, fear nothing and get to the top rank on the leaderboard! Good luck!

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