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To jump over the walls, just try to click the left mouse button.


Have you ever thought that you could become a salmon that likes to race? That’s what you are going to experience in a great racing sea-based game called You have to race against a lot of enemies in this racing competition to see who is going to reach the final goal area first to become the winner. As a salmon, you need to jump over the walls as fast as possible to leave your opponents behind. Jumping is not easy at all in this game as there are so many things that will obstruct your way, like enemies and especially the cruel bears that always want to catch and eat you. Try your hardest to take a leap over them, stay watchful for their strong paws because they may swipe at you. If you fall into the place that has the bear, then you will know your result which is getting eaten. Let’s play the game now and see if you can outplay all other enemies or not!

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