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Direct your ship using WASD or mouse. Click left mouse or press spacebar to ship.


Any fans of Space Asteroids 2D Shooter IO game out there? Time to join a wonderful game called Seakers.Space to conquer challenges using your excellent skills. Have your strategies ready for the fight now! You have to direct your ship skillfully around in space to destroy all opponents while keeping yourself alive. Make sure that you will match the rival bullet velocity while staying away from the deadly stream of bullets so you won’t hit any damage from them. If you soak damage, you won’t have a high chance to win. Try to dish out as much damage as possible to the enemies before they wipe you out. The enemies will get stronger than ever, so you must be careful with them all the time. When you make a progress, you can unlock further ships that are much more powerful. Will you become the King in space? Give it a try now!

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