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Use the mouse to move your snake and click the left mouse to speed up.

About is a Slither-inspired Snake game online allowing players from across the world to compete against each other in the same big arena. You slither through the map as just a little snake trying to eat as many foods as possible to get larger. With a lot of foods you consume, your size will become bigger, giving you more advantages to fight against other snakes. The way you kill them is just the same as what you did in! You also make use of your long body to encircle the enemy snakes, or block their pathway by speeding up your snake, and force them to run into you. Feel free to give your snake a speed boost when you already reach a good size, but don’t do this too much, or else you will have to regain the size by finding more foods to eat again. The final goal here is to become the largest snake in the entire arena! Good luck!

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