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Arrow keys are used to control your player. Press spacebar to fire, use key Z to activate your boosts, and press key X when you need to pass the ball to your teammate.

About is a kind of awesome football game online with Multiplayer elements. Feel free to give it a go and test your skills! This Sports game lets you make your own team and then go battle against other enemy teams. Roam the map carefully to find the ball, then shoot it into the enemy goal for more points. Teammate is an important factor in this IO game, without it, you won’t be able to succeed. Therefore, you must always work with your teammates so that you guys can take out the rivals easily. Supporting each other is a must, so don’t be hesitant to help your allies when they are in trouble. You can speed up your character, and pass the ball to your teammate. If your team gains 4 goals with 2 goal lead, you guys will conquer this match. Select your favorite mode, including normal, tournament and private room then kick off the match now!


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