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The left mouse is used for setting power, direction, then release it to launch the ship.


How good your launching skill is? Why don’t you join to test it now and experience awesome challenges? In this space-themed shooter game, you are armed with a rocket ship, and your task is to launch it to a strange planet without strokes. Your ship needs to be landed on the targeted planet safe and sound. On the way, there are so many planets with different gravities. Make sure you won’t stay close to them, or else you will be pulled in. In addition, eluding hitting the ships of enemies is a must too. Don’t hit them, or you ship will get damaged, leaving you no chance to win. If you land on a planet successfully, you can move to the next one. But if you can’t land on it, you will have to come back to the former one. Being a champion is very hard, but that doesn’t mean you give up on it. Good luck!

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