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Move your fidget spinner using the mouse. Click left mouse to speed up.


Fidget Spinner is such a popular game in real life, and now you can play an online version of it called! Throw yourself into a large arena full of fidget spinners controlled by real human players and try to beat them all. You must direct your fidget spinner around the map to gather many colored dots. The more dots you pick up, the higher RPM you will earn. To kill the rivals, you have to collide your spinner with them, both dots of the spinners will be dispersed around on the map. Try to gather them all as fast as possible. You can speed up to chase the enemies but remember that your RPM will be decreased every time you make a speed boost, so use it wisely! Make sure you survive as long as possible until you build your dominance in this arena! Are you ready? Let’s give it a shot now!

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