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Use the mouse to control your worm and click left mouse button to speed up.

About will surely make you miss the old days when you are immersed in the world of This is an advanced version of that popular snake game, so you can expect to experience brand new features. You spawn as a small worm roaming around the map to collect numerous minerals that are dispersed on the ground. This helps you increase your size and power up yourself. You should never stop eating them, also make sure you collect some bonuses as well as add further newbie worms to your big group. Protect your worms all the time, especially when you confront with the enemies. If a big portion of your worm is cut, you may have to restart from scratch, and it surely reduces a chance of winning. You are able to make a speed boost, so use this to catch your prey or get away from dangers. Try to become the largest worm of all!

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