Tanks Online

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Move your tank using keys WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies using the mouse.

About Tanks Online

Tanks Online

Tanks Online is an entertaining tank-themed that is free to play in your browser. You will fight along with your team in order to beat the rivals and lead your team to the final glory. Control your tank around the broad arena hunting for others, gathering many power-ups popping up on the map as well as supporting your allies so you guys can get through all dangers around you. Do not give your life in vain! Besides focusing on killing the enemies, you must protect yourself all the time since the rivals will launch their shots from everywhere, and if you get shot, the game will be over instantly. With the power-ups in your hand, like health, bulletpower, bulletbounce, and shield, you will surely overpower the enemies easily. The object of the game is to commit 25 kills first to become the winning team and dominate the entire arena. Good luck!

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