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Direct your tank using WASD. Click left mouse button to fire.


Kill all enemies standing in your way in an amusing 2D Shooter Tank game called! At first, you are armed with a basic tank, but when you make a progress and step further into the game, you will be able to customize it and turn it into a heavy-armored tank with lots of strong turrets, better weapons, and awesome attachments. There are many resources dispersed on the ground, you should pick them up to enhance your tank. Also, you can get rid of some objects as well as gather their dispersed pieces to craft brand new parts. If somebody is trying to attack you, just make sure you wipe him out first. Dish out further damage to the rivals, so they won’t have a chance to fight you back. You need to ensure that nothing can stop you from reaching the highest rank on the leaderboard to become a true master! Have fun!

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