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Direct your cell using the mouse. Press spacebar or the left mouse to split, use key W or the right mouse to eject your mass.

About Tolxy


Time to hunt for the small cells while staying away from the big cells in an Agario-inspired browser-based game called Tolxy! Play it for free now to test your skills now. Your main task is to eat weaker cells to grow your size, but make sure you’re staying away from the stronger ones. Keep eating them until you reach a big size, and that’s when you can attack others to eat them up. Protect yourself all the time because you have no idea when enemies try to sneak up on you. At the larger size, you can divide your cell into many smaller pieces to better your movement speed, however, you will become vulnerable to the enemy attack. Therefore, you must be very careful when you split yourself. The main goal here is to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the largest cell of all! Wish you luck!

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