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Move your character around the map using WASD. Press spacebar for jumping. Use the mouse for aiming, click left mouse button to shoot, click right mouse to change weapons.


The wicked machine race is trying to capture the whole world in Join it now to work with others to defeat all these enemies and bring the peace back to your people. As a scraper, you have to brave when engaging in a combat full of threats. Make your way through a vast map trying to kill all opponents as you try to protect the core reactors with your base. The machine race won’t be hesitant to launch their attacks. You should use your excellent abilities as well as nice strategies to cope with them. Earn a lot of cores then use them to unlock further gears, strong weapons that are always helpful for the fight. Feel free to change between gun and melee weapons to suit your playing style. Will you be able to top the leaderboard? Let’s kick off this IO game now to prove your abilities! Have fun!

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