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Move your worm using the mouse, click the left mouse or key W to fire mass, use the right mouse or key W to shoot mass. Use the right mouse or spacebar to speed up and use key F for using an item.

About is a must-play Slither Style Snake game online and it surely keeps you entertained for hours. You control a worm around the map to carry out a mission which is to eliminate other enemy worms. However, you can’t kill them when you’re still just a weak worm, therefore, you must eat a lot of scattered small objects on the map to increase your size gradually, and once you get larger, you can begin your hunting! To kill the enemy worms, try to cut their head movements with your body, encircle them and force them to run into you. Make sure that you won’t hit their body or the map border, or else you will end up getting destroyed. Stay watchful for your surroundings, defend the head of your worm all the time, stay alive and become the longest worm in the arena! Let’s get ready then jump into the action now!

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