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Move around the map using WASD. Click left mouse to pick up resources, attack enemies and build stuff. Use the right mouse or Esc to unselect. Change weapons using key Q, open the shop menu using key B, and open the party menu using key P.

About is a tough zombie survival game in your browser! After spawning in the arena, you must start picking up many resources then use them to construct a strong base to get through the waves of hungry zombies. The zombies will march towards your place unless a gold stash has just been built up. Before you create the gold stash, make sure you already generate a strong shelter as well as earn yourself a good amount of resources. Once the gold stash is made, just make sure you keep it safe at all costs. You should position many walls as well as plenty of strong weapons to fend off the zombies. Also, you need to create some gold mines to get more gold and spend it on improving all the buildings in your base. Make good use of everything you have in order to survive the dangers and become the best player! Good luck!

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