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Use keys WASD for moving around the map. Click left mouse to assault the opponents.


You are going to go through a fierce battle against hordes of zombies, robbers and even real opponents in! This Tower Defense Strategy game is all about surviving, so it can get tougher when you advance. The zombies or other rivals will launch their assaults towards your realm. Hence, you have to place many defensive items, create more shelters, craft a bunch of handy stuff so that they can help you survive the assaults. But first, you need to roam the map to collect the resources. Then, you can make a good use of them to create the items as well as weapons. Be sure to develop them through over time in the combat so they can get stronger and bring you better results. Use your tactics to take all of them out, or you can work with friendly players to kill the stronger enemies. Try to prolong your life and win the fight!

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