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Direct the ship using the mouse. Click left mouse or key Q to shoot. Use a skill by clicking the right mouse or pressing key W. Press spacebar for locking a direction, use number keys 1-4 for emoticon.


Playing space shooter game is always fun, so grab a chance to join game now to show your skills and vanquish all new enemies. The game surely cheers you up and keeps you engaged for hours. You have to direct a spacecraft around in space to shoot down all opponents using plenty of weapons, for instances, leasers, torpedoes, and missiles. Aim then shoot at them with devastating attacks while trying to keep yourself alive from their attacks. Don’t forget to pick up numerous orbs that are dispersed in space. These orbs will help level up your spacecraft as well as power it up over time. Keep an eye on the surroundings! Don’t give your life in vain! You need to strategize your way until you get to the highest rank on the leaderboard, which turns you into the best spaceship of all. Feel eager about this? Fly into the galaxy to kick off your battle now!

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