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Use keys WASD to direct your character around. Tap spacebar to speed up a bit.

About is an adventure and survival browser-based IO game. You are able to pick your favorite animal to play as before launching the challenges. Once entering the arena, you will start moving around the playfield to swallow all apples and meat for building the size. This means that the more you eat, the larger your animal will become. Also, you have to dodge the larger ones while you’re in the quest. It’s inevitable to catch sight of them, so you must use your tactics to elude their assaults, or else you will get eaten. In addition, the mushrooms are very dangerous too. They will destroy you, and others will take your mass away. This kind of gameplay will make you feel nostalgic a bit if you already play Try to focus on your adventure, attempt to kill all smaller creatures, earn 1000 scores so that you can become the ultimate winner. Have fun!

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