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Move your character around using keys WASD. Click left mouse to shoot usual bullet, click right mouse or spacebar to employ your chosen skill. Press keys 1234 or use the mouse wheel scroll to select your skills.


The players who join game online must show off all their strategic abilities to conquer all challenges. This is kind of hard Strategy IO game that keeps you entertained and addicted. Once entering the game arena, you will control your character around the map to wipe out all pesky enemies before they kill you. You are armed with four skill slots which can be filled up by selecting a set of abilities. You can use a skill as much as you want. There are many red enemies wandering around the map. Just make sure you shoot them down so that you can improve your selected abilities as well as regain your health. The bullets of enemies can come from any directions, hence, you need to keep an eye on the surroundings, use your skills wisely, employ your strategies and attempt to survive longer. Give it a shot now! Good luck to you all!

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