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Use arrow keys or WASD to move your ship around the playfield. Aim and shoot at enemies with the mouse. Use the right mouse button to activate special abilities.


Enjoy game online now and add it to the Space-themed 2D Shooter IO games list now! There will be plenty of challenges awaiting you ahead in this great game. You will have to direct your spaceship around the playfield to fire all other opponents when they are in your sight. You must defend your own ship all the time, if you get hit by others, the ship will be damaged, causing your game to come to a failure soon. You’re armed with many powerful abilities that you can use for your survival. Be sure to utilize them wisely when you are in the combat. You can increase your points from shooting plenty of asteroids that are floating over space. Also, these asteroids can bring you more upgrades for your ship. Collision with the asteroids is not allowed here! If you do, it will be a game over for you instantly. Let’s try the game now and attempt to survive longer!

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