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Use keys WASD to move your character around. Click left mouse button to shoot the enemies. Tap spacebar to use the second tier power-ups.

About is another Power-ups IO game online giving you lots of types of weapons for you to select. Before spawning in the game arena, you can select your favorite weapon, like a shotgun, SMG, sniper and much more, then feel free to customize your own gunslinger by choosing a pretty color as well as put an armor on it. After entering the playfield, you will start moving around to aim and shoot down your opponents while attempting to keep yourself alive. Be sure to use some blocks to cover up yourself when the enemies keep shooting at you. Perform your abilities, prepare nice strategies in advance so you can deal with them more easily. There is a leaderboard in this Multiplayer game too, and it displays the players with the best scores. Make an effort to climb the top then rule this board so you can become the best gunslinger of all. Good luck!

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