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Use the mouse or WASD to direct your battle boat around. Press spacebar or click the button in the bottom right corner to use the special weapon.

About is a team-based IO game online filled with tons of actions, challenges and more intense elements. Let’s give it a try now to experience all! There are two modes featured in the game, including HQ Destruction and Team Deathmatch. Also, you will become a part of two teams, a red one or a blue one. Each mode will give you a different objective. In HQ Destruction, you need to wipe out the opponent HQ by utilizing your cannons, torpedoes as well as picking various chests. But in the Team Deathmatch, you need to get rid of the opponent ships in a limited period of time to become a winning team. Be sure to pick up the lots of crates, such as mine crates which will help you reach your mine towards the opponent HQ, XP crates which will help improve your ship if you pick them up, ammunition crates that will help reload your cannons and tubes, repair crates which will fix your ship when it gets damaged.

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