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Use keys WAD/ZQD or arrow keys to control your stickman. Press down arrow key or key S to regain HP. Use weapon with the left mouse button, click right mouse to release a satchel charge or explode it.

About Battlestick


Battlestick is a team-based Combat IO game where you have to work with your allies to take out all the rivals as fast as possible. Feel free to play this Multiplayer game in your own browser, meet new friends and play with them for tons of fun. You will have to utilize lots of powerful weapons, prepare and employ your good strategies in order to get rid of your opponents before they wipe you out. Teamwork is a crucial and important element that will lead your game to the final success. So, you must support your friends, work with each other then you guys are able to kill the rivals effortlessly. Stay watchful for the surroundings, quickly elude the deadly assaults of your enemies, attempt to survive longer so that you can dominate the leaderboard. Always stay watchful for the surroundings, play well and achieve your goal! Are you ready? Enjoy the game now!

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