Begods Online

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Use the left mouse button to take control of your spaceship to collect the ores and minerals around the galaxy.

About Begods Online

Begods Online

Become a hostile alien that sits in his own spaceship in a new browser-based IO game called Begods Online! The game takes place in space filled with lots of other aliens controlled by real players. You are supposed to move your spaceship around to pick up as many valuable ores and minerals as possible. The more of them you collect, the more points and experience you will have, then you can spend them on interesting upgrades for your ship. It’s unavoidable to run into the enemies that are carrying out the same task. You are supposed to have your skills ready for a confrontation with them. Try to destroy the rivals if they are attempting to kill you. Earn as many points as possible, level up your alien faster so you can get stronger and defeat all dangers easily. Be sure that you will survive longer to dominate the arena! Enjoy the game now!

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