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Interact with objects and control in the game using the mouse only.

About is a tough Strategy IO game where you need to show your strategic abilities while experiencing the in-game challenges. When you first spawn, especially the early stage of the round, you need to constantly click “+1 military power” to expand your troops. The Military Power (MP) is considered as the principal resource of the game. The higher your MP is, the more realms you can take over, particularly the opponent realms. You can even purchase a bunch of units for yourself, but to do so, just make sure you seize the star bases of your enemies. Try to employ your skills carefully to conquer all of them. There are some strategies you can utilize, including diplomatic strategy, massive economy strategy, destroy everything strategy and early rush hyper click strategy. Make sure you properly use these to your advantage, get an edge over the enemies, then you can totally dominate the playfield.

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