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Control your creature around using the mouse. Click LMB or key W for shooting, Dash with spacebar and hold it a little bit for sprinting. Toggle autoshoot with key E.


It’s so fun to battle against new players in a highly-addictive IO game called! The game lets you play as a hilarious creature that has a powerful mouth which is able to fire bullets. You will take control of him around the arena to destroy the enemies before they wipe you out. Try to aim carefully, shoot bullets at the foes faster, then you need to swallow their dead remains in order to grow your size. Another way for building up the size is that you have to eat the generated foods that are scattering around the spinning saws. Be aware of those saws when you try to take the food. If you touch them, your character will get destroyed. However, you can use them to kill the enemies if you have a tactical play. Attempt to push the rivals into those saws to break them all, or even force mines to get them blown up, or you can shoot shrapnel towards them. Start the game now then see if you can get to the top or not!

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