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Place the buildings or get rid of them by using the left mouse button. Scroll the camera by using arrow keys or WASD. Tap key R to put the camera back to your base view.


You should play and add to your Strategy IO game list to experience further challenges as well as meet new players! The main goals of the game are just to see how you will employ your strategic abilities and if you can become the ultimate winner or not. You will be taken to an arena where you must construct 7 kinds of buildings, including walls, generators, houses, turrets, snipers, barracks and armories, then carefully improve them all to boost your strength. These buildings will help protect your territory from the attacks of enemies. So try your hardest to make them operate more accurately and properly through over time. Don’t let the enemies assault your realm, or else you will meet your doom soon. You can try to attack them and fight them off so that you will be able to gain to the dominance. It’s time to begin the game now! Wish you luck!

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