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Use the mouse to direct your character around. Press key W to drop your blocks, rotate the mass with keys A and D.

About is a Multiplayer Bejeweled Style game online where you have to build your mass by picking up various shapes that have discrepant sizes. The gameplay mechanics sound similar to, but it’s kind of different. You will have to wander around the arena for hunting the shapes, then try to connect them all to your main base so that you can grow your size. When you come across other enemies, just use your skills and strategies to deal with them and take them out. You need to run into the opponent blocks in order to fight them off. The bigger blocks will become the winner, so make sure that your size is larger than theirs. When the enemies die, you can take over their blocks to increase your size faster. Just like other IO games, you must try your hardest to reach the top rank on the scoreboard, and that’s when you will dominate the map. Can you do that? Check it out now!

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