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Control your emoji by using the mouse. To drop bombs, just click left mouse, and to speed up your emoji, just use the right mouse.

About is an entertaining classic Power-ups game that is free for all players from around the world to play. The game lets you play as a cute Emoji that has to kill various meanies and his enemies by dropping deadly bombs nearby them. Basically, this gameplay sounds like similar to the one in the classic Bomberman game, but obviously, it has its own features. You have to move around the map collecting a lot of jewels while trying to elude the meanies as well as the bombs of others, or else you will die. With many jewels you picked up, you can totally plant stronger bombs. If you are lucky to find the fabled Poo Hat, you will be able to make other Meanies fear you when you pass by them. Don’t forget to speed up to get away some dangers! Let’s jump into the game to begin awesome challenges now! Wish you luck!


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