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The car’s movement will be done with keys WASD. The mouse is used for aiming while the left mouse button will be used for shooting.

About is a free for all browser-based Racing IO game that you should try out and take this chance to demonstrate your excellent skills. You will be taken to a playfield in the mountain, then start racing against lots of opponents from around the globe. Take control of your car carefully, be on the lookout for the surroundings while you are moving, and attempt to shoot down all enemies as you keep your car alive. However, you must elude the bullets of the opponents, or else your car will get damaged and you will die soon. You can divert them then force them to crash into many impediments scattering around the map. The more cars you wipe out, the more experience you will gain. Also, you will be able to level up your car as well. Every single level up will give you your preferred upgrade. Kick off the game now then see if you can reach the top or not!

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