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Use the mouse to quickly click on the red balls to pop them all before they disappear on their own.


Rather than playing with fierce strategies, game will give you simple challenges yet challenging a bit to conquer. In other IO games, you may have to perform your fighting or shooting skills to deal with the opponents, but in this one, you must demonstrate your reflexes and reaction speed. The game was made with easy graphics. You will spawn into a vast arena where you have to pop and break all red balls that will constantly turn up. They will grow up through over time, and your task is to make them disappear as fast as possible. Because if you don’t your game will come to an end instantly. Whenever you destroy one, your level will be up. Also, the game features some medals, including bronze, silver, and gold. If you win the game that has from 10 to 49 players, you will receive a bronze medal. You will get a silver one if winning the game that consists from 50 to 199 players. A gold medal will be given to the player if he/she becomes the winner of the game that has over 200 players. Wish you luck!

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