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Use the mouse to choose tools, pick colors and interact with stuff in the game.


In the world of game, you’re free to create anything you like by utilizing the pixels and some tools featured in this browser-based IO game. The game doesn’t consist of any tough gameplay mechanics. You will be taken to the world of pixels, then, you can begin making your stuff by filling the pixels block with the color you have chosen. Also, there are other tools that are very handy too, such as a paintbrush, and a navigation/camera tool. The number of colors in the game is up to 256 in total. You can pick your favorite ones for building your stuff. Basically, the world here is so unbounded, and the players will have tons of fun playing together. However, there will be wicked some trying to destroy your works. Make sure you defend what you have created, and take a chance to explore everything in the pixel world! Have fun, guys!

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