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Control your ship around in space with keys WASD. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Open help menu with key H, open the shop with Y, and use key F11 for a full screen.

About is a Space and Team-based game opening a combat between the red team and the blue team. You will belong to one of those teams when you join the battle. Try to work with your allies all the time, get rid of the enemies when they are in your sight, protect your own gem while stealing the gem of the enemy team. If you gain a lot of kills, you will earn much money, which allows you to buy discrepant ships as well as awesome modifications for the next round. You should employ your tactics, sneak up behind the rivals, or even stay in the spots that are unseen. If you engage in the mid round of the combat, you will become a spectator till the next round comes. But if you die, you will be turned into a spectator for the rest of the round. Keep this in your mind and never give your life in vain! See if you can lead your team to the glory or not!

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