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Use the right mouse to navigate your tank through the map. Click left mouse button to fire your cannon.

About Dattank


You will become a part of one of four colored teams in Dattank game and your main task is to fight off the opponent teams! This is another addictive team-based Tank IO game you shouldn’t skip. In the game, you must walk around the map trying to shoot down all other opponent tanks as you attempt to elude their bullets. You are supposed to make some excellent teamwork, always stick with your teammates so you guys can support each other to kill the rivals more efficiently. Try to dodge the incoming shots quickly, and never let them assault you more, or else your tank will get damaged, which leads your game to a failure easily. When you almost run out of health and ammo, you can retrieve them by collecting the packs that are scattering around the arena. Keep protecting your tank all the time, lead your team to the ultimate victory and become the winning team!

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