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Use arrow keys or keys WASD for controlling your ship around. Use the left mouse button or press spacebar to shoot your cannons.

About is a great 2D Shooter game that is suitable for all players who are looking for more IO games to play. In this game, you will begin to direct a classic boat armed with two side cannons then move it around the arena to battle against many opponents from around the world. It’s only about surviving and dominating, so you must try your hardest to obtain that goal. Try to wander around picking up a lot of colored orbs in order to increase your experience as well as earn more gold. Then you can spend them on purchasing many upgrades for your boat. Also, you can use your earned points to enhance the stats. When the XP bar is full, your boat will have a new gadget! Always keep an eye on the surroundings while moving. Fire your enemies, dodge their bullets and make an effort to survive longer! Good luck!

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