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Take control of your airplane by using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse to fire, and drop bombs with the right mouse.

About is a Power-ups and Upgrades game inspired by! It’s all about shooting at enemies and surviving through a lot of assaults to become the ultimate winner of the combat. This IO game lets you take control of your airplane around the arena, so you must move carefully to kill your opponents when they catch sight of you. The dangers are everywhere, so another important thing you must do is trying to protect your airplane no matter it takes, or else the game will be over! You can boost your power easily by collecting the power-ups, such as blue brick (for more experience), and green pills (for energy up). Also, collecting gold will allow you to fire more bombs! Always stay watchful for the red bullets as well as be sure to dodge them quickly. The main objective here is to stay alive longer! Can you achieve it? Play the game and get your answer!

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