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Use the LMB on the turrets to fire laser. Click RMB on boosters to shoot and get additional thrust. Press key Shift for accelerating, tap spacebar to slow down. Rotate with your mouse.

About is another team-based Multiplayer that is very great and awesome to try out. The concept of it is about capturing the flag, but the entire game arena will be put in space. You play as a part of your team, including the team attacker or the team defender. Each of them will carry out different missions. The attackers will be taken to a safezone, and they must take over the flag to win the game. However, the defenders have to protect the flag immediately after entering the top half of the map. Whichever team you belong, you should always play good tactics. Try to utilize turret and boosters to deal with the opponents, fire lasers to slay them fast, work with your teammates all the time. Your main objective is to bring the victory to your team. Feel free to join the game now then see how long you can stay alive!

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