Go! Eat! Bomb!

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Use the mouse to control your character. Click left mouse button to open your mouth.

About Go! Eat! Bomb!

Go! Eat! Bomb!

Go! Eat! Bomb! is an exclusive IO-Styled Strategy game that gets you addicted for sure. You will play as a fish monster that is attempting to consume many kittens or small monsters spreading over the map in order to build your size. The more you eat, the larger you will become! While you’re in the food quest, you have to stay watchful for the surroundings as there are so many dangers around, especially the deadly shit as well as the bigger opponents. Hitting the shit will get you blown up, bumping into the big rivals will cause you to be eaten. Whichever dangers you hit, you will die instantly. Also, one more thing you must keep in mind! Just leave your mouth open from time to time so that you won’t get exploded. You can check out the red indicator on your left. If it reaches the top, you must open the mouth quickly. Try to survive longer to dominate the entire arena!

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