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Control your character around the arena using the mouse. Click left mouse or use key Q to hook the players. Use the right mouse or key W to make a shield of blades. Press key E to activate the specific skill of your class. Press keys 1-4 for choosing the class.


Meet new players in a vast dangerous arena in – an exclusive Upgrades IO game you shouldn’t miss! Your character is armed with a deadly hook which must be used in a proper way to get rid of the surrounding enemies. Once you get closer to them, you must use the hook to slay them all, then quickly take their energy away to increase your power. The game features 4 classes with different abilities. Just make sure you have gained a lot of points before changing the classes because they cost 10 class points. The red class will bring you an additional reach, and you can fireball the enemies. The green class gives you medium reach, also, you’re able to slice a bunch of rivals at the same time. You will receive low reach with the blue class, but this class will make you move faster and can make a speed boost. When you change to the purple class, you won’t have any hook but you’re able to slice. Also, you can teleport and detach the hooks that are attached to you. Enjoy the game now and have fun!

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