Hunger Royale

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Use the keys WASD for the movements, and aim at your enemies with the mouse. Click left mouse to use the collected items.

About Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale

Prepare yourself for a tough Battle Royale game named Hunger Royale where you will meet new players and try to kill them all. It’s not going to be easy to take a lead in the game, so you must do whatever it takes to get through the challenges. Move your character around the map carefully, collect the items on the ground, then make a good use of them to defeat the opponents. You have to aim and shoot your rivals accurately while attempting to dodge their bullets. The hunger is the big risk in this IO game because it can make you hungry through over time, which causes you to meet your doom easily. So be sure to watch your HP ad Food bars during the combat. If one of them reaches down to 0, you will die instantly. You can think about teaming up with other friendly players, make more barricades or stay in a safe space to survive the dangers. Let’s give it a go!

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