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Use arrow keys to arrange the shapes of the falling blocks, press spacebar to place them on the grid, and use key Enter for chatting.

About is a classic IO game about arranging and placing falling blocks. Basically, this browser-based Multiplayer game is kind of similar to Tetris games, however, the difference is that you will play against many opponents worldwide. You will spawn into an arena filled with blocks. Try to arrange the shapes of the blocks then carefully place them on a grid. Make sure that the blocks are put down properly so that you can clear a bunch of lines. You can try to accumulate or steel cells from other enemies, make them create more mistakes then defeat them all. You’d better play the game with good strategies so that you can gain more score and climb your way up the top spot on the leaderboard. That’s when you will dominate the entire arena. Stay focused on the game all the time! You can even chat with other friends, team up with some, and have tons of fun!

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