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Use the mouse to control your character, click to interact with players in the game.


Experience an epic and interesting adventure in a fascinating IO game called now! This Strategy game is based on another popular game which is known as The Floor is Lava. In the game, your life is at risk since you have to deal with the enemies as well as protect yourself from the deadly lava. Hence, you should prepare your strategies to fight them off. But, the game allows you to freely touch the rivals that are around you. If you don’t build any interaction with them, it will be a doom for you! Try to push and force them to fall into the lava. You will become the winner if you are the last man standing. However, that doesn’t sound easy at all! Other players will do whatever it takes to make them fall. That’s why you must stay watchful for them and never let them push you down. Play the game now! Good luck!

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