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Use keys WASD or arrow keys for controlling your character around the map.


Be ready for another Agario Style and Strategy game called! Try this game now and see how great your abilities will be. You are placed on a map full of lava, and it’s your job to dodge it until you are the last man standing! Other enemies will do the same, so if you don’t fight against them, you will end up being destroyed by the lava. You are supposed to use your tactics to push your enemies to fall into the lava so that you can kill them before they wipe you out. There are plenty of coins spreading over the map. You should collect them as much as you can, along with many power-ups which can help you push others opponents more easily. Do not corner yourself with nowhere to go! Be on the lookout for the surroundings, stay alive longer then climb the leaderboard to dominate! Good luck to you!

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