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Use the mouse to control your character. Tap spacebar or click the left mouse button to change the star with the fist.

About is a highly addictive and cool IO game that tests your skills. You can try it out in your own browser then prove your abilities to the entire world. The game lets you take control of a star and a fist simultaneously. You must go around the arena to collect the energy from a bunch of sources in order to build the size of your fist. Also, you must quickly change the location between the star and the fist when you run into the enemies. If they hit your star, you will die and have to restart the game. Hence, no matter what you are focusing on, just make sure that you always leave your star well protected. But if you are getting stronger, you can go kill your opponents! The main goal is to survive longer so you can climb the top rank on the leaderboard. You ready? Give it a try now!

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