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Move your character around using WASD or arrow keys. The mouse is used for aiming your target. Click LMB or key Z to shoot the main assault. Use RMB or key X to perform the secondary attack. Press keys Q.E or the mouse wheel scroll to zoom the camera. Open the leaderboard with key Tab, use key Caps to turn on/off HUD. Press key U for toggling the upgrades panel. And leave the game with key Esc.

About opens a slashing combat between the human beings and wicked monsters. However, in this team-based RPG IO game, you are allowed to join the side that you prefer. But whichever side you are on, just make sure that you will team up with your teammates so that you can obtain the victory. Each team has its own task to do! For the monsters, they must go slay all defenders and attempt to set off their Ar-man-geddon, which is known as a meteor storms that has an influence on humans in an indiscriminate way. But for the humans, they are in charge of getting rid of enough monsters so that they can win the battle. As a part of one of two teams, you must use your abilities wisely, pick up the green points to increase your rank on the leaderboard. Also, if you gain yellow XP, you can level up and unlock further troops or even new creatures. Have fun!

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