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Use WASD for the movement. Click right mouse button to utilize your shield so that you can elude the projectiles or decrease the explosive damage. Tap spacebar to bash, which helps you get rid of your foe in one second.

About is an exclusive 2D Shooter IO game that opens an intense battle for you to experience. Try to get all your abilities ready for this one then see if you can survive until the end or not. In the game, you will take control of your mech around the arena in order to defeat all opponents before they wipe you out. Your mech is always armed with lots of powerful weapons, such as railgun, rocket launcher or even flak cannon. They are very strong and much be used in a correct way so that you can fight off your enemies more efficiently. Be aware of the attacks as well as bullets of the foes. If you don’t elude their incoming projectiles, your mech will get destroyed, also, the game will come to an end immediately. Everybody’s goal is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard to become the best fighter of all. You must play harder, perform all your skills, take over the top and dominate the entire arena.

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