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Control your character around the map with the mouse. Brake with spacebar, boos with the left mouse. Use key C to change to a fullscreen camera, and concentrate camera on player by using key X.

About is another Sports game online giving you a chance to defy others in 3vs3 games! Feel free to join it now then see how you will perform your abilities. You must go around the map finding the ball, and then try to push it into the rival goal to score more points. Remember that you can only kick it into the rival goal, if you accidentally shoot it in your own one, you will lose your scores. Make sure your goal is always secure so others won’t be able to shoot the ball in. You can predict the movements of the ball and others too. This Team-based IO game also allows you to freely use your nitro boost to come across others. You should use it before you hit the ball since it will enable you to kick with further strength. Make an effort to earn more goals so you can win the match!


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